Call for Applications: Open House Faculty Director

The Open House gender-learning residential community is seeking a Faculty Director. The Faculty Director, with the assistance of a 75% academic staff Community Program Manager and Residence Life staff, lead the development and annual implementation of the program for 30 students based in Phillips Residence Hall. The Faculty Director appointment (2-year minimum, 3-year preferred) will begin on January 5, 2023 with summers used in planning for upcoming fall semesters. The Faculty Director is generally a tenured faculty member or faculty affiliate of the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, which sponsors the community. Other UW faculty may be considered.

About the Residential Learning Community
Residential Learning Communities bring together faculty, staff and students around an explicit thematic focus within the University Residence Halls. Open House is a vibrant lakeshore community of students, staff, and faculty dedicated to examining gender and sexuality. Open House is a place to build community and explore the diversity of the human experience. Students enjoy a tight-knit environment and unique programming, like open mic, movie, and game nights, and mentorship from UW faculty and staff across campus.

The Open House Faculty director teaches an overload of a one-credit course, Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) 101. This 75-minute seminar in held both in the spring and fall. The course explores past and present topics in LGBTQ communities. Readings and discussions in the seminar will be extended and enhanced by impromptu conversations and experiences around the lunch table and within Open House and Phillips Hall. It must be on a new LGBTQ+ topic with new texts each semester, as students take it repeatedly.

Faculty Director Responsibilities
• Actively serve as a core member of the “Leadership Team” which leads and is responsible for the development and implementation of the program. This team typically meets every 1-2 weeks and includes residence life staff and the Learning Community Program Manager, and typically others. The annual implementation cycle includes many important tasks and those associated with promotion and student recruitment are especially important to the learning community.
• Supervise the Program Manager, including contributing to an annual performance review.
• Develop and offer a unique one credit seminar course(s) for the community each semester. These seminars serve as the foundation for the learning community experience and typically meet later in the afternoon/early evening to maximize enrollment. These courses will need to gain course approval through regular university academic governance processes. It must be on a new topic with new texts each semester, as students take it repeatedly.
• Facilitate the involvement of additional faculty and staff to enhance faculty/staff-student engagement in the community.
• Facilitate organization of extra-curricular signature events, typically on weekends or in the evening. The faculty director is responsible for overseeing the organization of these events together with the Program Manager. The director has access to considerable funds for programming, i.e. bringing speakers, field trips, supplies, and food. The events vary from viewing movies to cookouts; attending local and national conferences; going on fieldtrips to Chicago and elsewhere to enjoy plays, concerts and other cultural events; bringing prominent speakers to campus; and working with campus partners.
• Facilitate engagement/investment by key campus stakeholders (especially co-sponsoring units for funding, seminars, Program Manager appointments, and promotion/student recruitment) in the present happenings and future of the learning community. Often, this takes the form of a “Steering Committee” consisting of faculty, staff, and students that meets at least semiannually.

The Director is compensated up to a maximum of $20,000 which may be taken as summer salary or a temporary base adjustment.


To Apply
Faculty who wish to be considered for this unique role on campus should send the materials listed below to Judy Houck, Chair, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies before 5pm on Friday, September 30, 2022:
1. A brief description of your interest in this Faculty Director position and your experience working with undergraduate students.
2. A statement about how you would be effective as Faculty Director in carrying out the responsibilities listed above.
3. A CV

For further information or discussion, contact:
Sami Schalk
Faculty Director, Open House, and Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies

Cindy Holzmann
Associate Director of Residence Life – Academics and Inclusion, University Housing
608-263-3994 or

Judy Houck
Professor and Chair, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
Professor, History

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