Gen&WS 423: The Female Body in the World

Explores the social, cultural, and political construction of the female/feminine body. Considers specifically the bodies of women and girls, transgender women, non-binary people that embody the feminine, female masculinities, and bodies that identify and are identified as female, as bodies that have historically and traditionally been sites of political contention, of societal meaning making, of cultural symbolism, and active resistance. Seeks to challenge what we think we know about bodies, challenging tacit knowledge and investigating how normative discourses of the female/feminine body are formed across cultures, around the world. Considers the impacts of phenomena such as globalization, neoliberalism, "global" feminism, imperialism, capitalism, and human rights movements on cultural conceptions of health, ability, beauty, representation, and the "value" of female/feminine bodies.

File: GenWS-423_Phelps_Syllabus-Spring-2023.pdf

Gen&WS 546: Feminist Theories and Masculinities

Explores central assumptions, questions, and debates regarding the relationship between feminist theory, pro-feminist theory, and the practice and performance of multiple masculinities. Explores feminist-informed definitions of and debates about masculinity including whether masculinity is primarily a gender-role and/or a form of sexual expression. Further, key tensions related to men's status, or their lack thereof, as subjects of feminist theory will be examined. Examine the practice and performance of specific masculinities including but not limited to African American masculinities, trans masculinities, and faith-informed masculinities.

File: GWS-546_2020_Spring_Lindsay.pdf