GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies Celebrate Graduation

Join us in 3401 Sterling Hall on Wednesday, May 11 from 11:30 am to 1 pm to enjoy a cupcake, pick up a graduation gift, select decor for your mortarboards, and secure a professional portrait as you build your post-graduate profile (a photographer will be on hand to take your picture).

Complete the form below to let us know if you will attend. Use this same form to share an address where a small graduation gift will find you in the mail if you aren’t able to attend.

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If you will not attend the celebration, please share a mailing address where a small package will find you in late May:

Celebrating Graduates

During the last two years, we've found new ways to celebrate our students. When you have a minute, please share a photo (there is space to upload your photo below), and your response to one of the following prompts:

Upload a photo of yourself (or a different representational image) so that we can celebrate you on the May commencement page at
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Thanks so much for sharing your reflections on your GWS and/or LGBTQ+ Studies experience (and a photo) as you prepare to graduate. We are so proud of you!