Gen&WS 536: Queering Sexuality Education

Situates sexual health education in historical and contemporary context by tracing its discursive production and envisioning a queering of both content and practice. An examination of what might it mean to queer sex education and what would a queer sex education look like. Utilizing theoretical interventions from critical education studies, queer theory, and trans/gender studies, this course.

File: GWS-536_2020_Spring_Barcelos.pdf

Gen&WS 350: Special Topics in Gender and Literature – Gender, Health & Waiting Rooms

What happens to the bodymind kept in waiting? This course pursues questions of the “in- between” through the lenses of health and disability justice. Considering the concept of “patient,” with connotations of compliance and medicalization, students will explore how race, gender, class, sexuality and citizenship impact how long one waits for care.

File: Waggoner_350_Lit-and-Gender-Waiting-Room-Syllabus_Fall-2023.pdf