Gen&WS 860: Pedagogy in Gender and Women’s Studies

Download Gen&WS 860_Syllabus_2020_Final

Provides an introduction to theory, as well as hands on experience with pedagogical practices in Gender and Women’s Studies. Offers opportunities to synthesize and deepen understandings of gender-related issues through intensive reading, writing and discussion. Engages with theories, conceptual developments, debates, as well as epistemological and methodological issues, which chart the development of feminist pedagogical thought. Interrogates the different intellectual traditions that have shaped debates and issues within feminist politics and practices. Examines these traditions from an explicitly interdisciplinary perspective, highlighting contributions made by feminist scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds that include: education, anthropology, history, performance studies, arts, literature, health, etc. (TO BE FIRST TAUGHT IN 2023-2024 AND LATER)