Gen&WS 343: Queer Bodies

This course centralizes the intersection of LGBTQ identities and dis/ability through various queer bodies which are also inflected by race, class, geographical and national locations. Approaches may include critical theory about queer bodies and personal narratives.

File: GWS343Fall2017Samuels.pdf

Gen&WS 350: Special Topics in Gender and Literature – Gender, Health & Waiting Rooms

What happens to the bodymind kept in waiting? This course pursues questions of the “in- between” through the lenses of health and disability justice. Considering the concept of “patient,” with connotations of compliance and medicalization, students will explore how race, gender, class, sexuality and citizenship impact how long one waits for care.

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Gen&WS 374: Disability, Gender, and Sexuality

Explores gender identity and sexuality among disabled people using historical and theoretical articles to discuss and analyze films, memoirs, and poetry by people with disabilities. Provides a brief introduction to disability studies and intersectionality before delving into academic discussions and artistic representations of the intersections of disability, gender, and sexuality.

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