Gen&WS 522: Psychology of Women and Gender

Examination of theories and research on the psychology of women and gender. Explores topics such as sex bias in psychological research; psychological aspects of female sexuality and reproduction; gender-based violence; female achievement and power; lifestyle choices of women; women and mental health; and psychological research with transgender individuals.

File: GWS-522_2018_Fall_Hyde.pdf

Gen&WS 534: Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction: Public Health Perspectives

This course explores several theoretical lenses, disciplinary approaches, and substantive topical areas relating to reproductive and sexual health. We will begin the course by investigating the development of "sexual health" as a phenomenon in public health research, policy, and programs looking back to feminist responses to population control policies of the 1970s. The subsequent weeks of the semester will cover substantive topical areas in the field (e.g., adolescent sexual development, contraception, and AIDS).

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