University of Wisconsin–Madison

Lecturers and Teaching Assistants (TA)

Lecturer Name




Bruno Agudo 3418 Sterling Hall Gen&WS 530
Cabell Gathman 3323 Sterling Hall Gen&WS 200
Kate Phelps 3323 Sterling Hall Gen&WS 320
Davey Shlasko 3434 Sterling Hall Gen&WS 320
Karen Walloch 3434 Sterling Hall Gen&WS 533




TA Name

TA Email

Gen&WS 101: Gender, Women, and Cultural Representation 3417 Sterling Hall offered in the spring
Gen&WS 102: Women, Culture and Representation 3417 Sterling Hall Marie Gorman
Agnes Muyanga
Doss Ramsey
Gen&WS 103: Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease 3405 Sterling Hall Flint Devine
Malú Marchuca Rose
Katka Showers-Curtis
Dee C Wilkinson
Gen&WS 200: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies 3417 Sterling Hall Cyra Polizzi
Emerald Rutledge