Gen&WS 330: Asian American Feminist and Queer Cultural Productions

This course examines the different ways Asian American feminists and queers have used cultural production to speak up against issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, identity, diaspora, nation, justice, art, and activism. Asian American feminist and queer critiques can bring to light the ways that structures of domination uphold and further perpetuate Asian American marginalization within the U.S.

File: GWS-330.-Asian-American-Feminist-and-Queer-Cultural-Productions.pdf

Gen&WS 861: Gender and Women’s Studies as an Interdisciplinary Field and Profession

Introduces gender and women’s studies as an interdisciplinary area of study and a profession. Reviews the profession, both academic and non-academic. Explores issues both broad (e.g., professional development) and narrow (e.g., obtaining research grants) that are of interest to those building professional careers with a Gender and Women’s Studies Ph.D.

File: GenWS-861_Syllabus_2020_Final.pdf

Gen&WS 103 (Honors): Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health

Examines both physiological and social processes relating to gender and health across the lifespan among cisgender, transgender, and non-binary individuals. Examples of topics include hormonal processes, reproductive anatomy & physiology, sexuality, sexual pleasure, chronic illness, depression, and sexual violence. A primary course objective is for students to connect information about their bodies and personal health to larger social and political contexts. In particular, considers how health and health disparities are shaped by multiple kind of social inequalities, particularly inequalities based on gender.

File: GenWS-103-Honors_Ward_Syllabus_Spring-2023.pdf