Summer Term

  • Gen&WS 103: Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health
  • Gen&WS 200: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies
  • CLS/Gen&WS/History 245: Chicana and Latina History
  • Comm Arts/Gen&WS 316: Gender and Communication
  • Counseling Psych 332: Gender and Queer Issues in Psychology
  • Gen&WS 350: Women Writers and Social Fiction
  • Gen&WS/Legal Studies 422: Women and the Law
  • Gen&WS 539: Framing Fatness: Gender, Size, and Constructing Health


GWS 103 summer 2021 flyer
GWS 200 summer term image
GWS 350 summer term image
GWS 539 summer term image

Virtual Study Abroad in GWS

UW Circle of Care for Global Health and Human Rights

Examine the relationship between borders, global health, and human rights through a circle of care and communication with GWS lecturer Dr. Araceli Alonso and participating professionals from each country. This course covers three key territories on the route of migrant women from West Africa: Spain, Morocco and Nigeria. Check out the Student Voices tab on the study abroad website. Applications for summer 2021 are due April 2.

Contact International Academic Programs (the study abroad office) to learn more about summer study abroad options.

Paying for Summer Courses

Summer tuition can be expensive. Every spring, Summer Term awards scholarships to cover a portion of tuition costs, so if you are considering summer courses, be sure to apply for a summer term scholarship in WiSH.

As you make plans, weigh the tuition costs, your financial aid options, and the potential benefits of taking a course or two during summer.

What’s it like to take a GWS course online?

Find details about what it is like to take GWS 103 and/or GWS 200 online on our course FAQ pages.