Graduate Courses

The following is a list of graduate-level courses in Gender and Women’s Studies. Graduate students may also take undergraduate courses numbered 300 and above. When taking an undergraduate course for graduate credit, students must ask the instructor for permission and to provide graduate-level enrichment in the course.

For a full listing of all undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, please visit Course Search and Enroll.

Spring 2021 Graduate Courses


  • Anthropology/Gen&WS 920: Anthropology of Gender
  • English 817 (Lec 001): American Literature: Visualizing Race: Pain, Pleasure, Spectatorship
  • Gen&WS 720: Special Topics – Feminist Disability Studies
  • C&I/Gen&WS 760: Sex/Gender-Related Issues in Curriculum & Instruction
  • Gen&WS 800: Research Methods in Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Gen&WS/History 938: History of Sexuality

Graduate students can take 300+ level courses at the undergraduate level in addition to their graduate seminars. Students completing the M.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies can take up to 3 courses, or 9 credits, of undergraduate-level course work (numbered 300 and above) for graduate credit.

Please consult with your faculty advisor as you plan future semesters and see the Guide for more information about graduate degree requirements.

300+ Level Undergraduate Courses