Graduate Courses

The following is a list of graduate-level courses in Gender and Women’s Studies. Graduate students may also take undergraduate courses numbered 300 and above. When taking an undergraduate course for graduate credit, students must ask the instructor for permission and to provide graduate-level enrichment in the course.

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Graduate Courses

720 Special Topics in Women & Society
Exploration and research into selected topics in GWS. Subject will differ from semester to semester.

732 Psychology of Women
This course covers research and theory in psychology of women. Topics include non-sexist research methods, psychological gender differences, theories of moral development, women of color, mental health and feminist therapy, rape, sexual harassment, and public policy issues.

735 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention for Women Across the Lifespan
Identification of health concerns for women, recognizing differences among age socio-economic, and ethnic groups; synthesis of bio-physiological, psycho-social, and cultural influences of such health concerns; analysis and proposal of interventions to promote overall health and to prevent problems among women.

737 Feminist Theory and Criticism
Feminist theory, with an emphasis on literary and cultural theory and criticism in English.

760 Sex/Gender Related Issues in Curriculum and Instruction
A poststructural feminist analysis of educational discourse and practice; examines selected sex/gender issues in curriculum and instruction; explores some implications for classroom teaching of the complex interrelationships between sex/gender, race, social class, sexuality, and ability/disability.

805 Gender Issues in International Education Policy
This course examines a series of topics frequently targeted in international educational policy: the interrelationship of schooling, family formation, fertility and migration; the interrelationship of gender and education in the international political economy; and the place of schooling and gender in the creation of trans-national elites.

880 Proseminar: Graduate Study in Gender and Women’s Studies
This course introduces new graduate students to the breadth of scholarship in Gender and Women’s Studies. It also develops particular skills (critical reading, critical writing and basic research) important to graduate level scholarship.

900 Research Methods in Women’s Studies
Overview of research in Women’s Studies. Emphasizes theoretical and methodological issues, the development of women’s studies as a field, the relationship of women’s studies to traditional fields, and the nature of interdisciplinary work.

904 Sociological Perspectives on Gender
Advanced topics in the analysis of gender relations in society. (Topics vary by semester)

920 Anthropology of Gender
The theoretical and ethnographic approaches to the anthropology of gender, focusing on current works. Topics include sexual inequality, research methods, gender and history, gender and ethnographic writing, cultural constructions of masculinity, sexuality and gender studies and anthropological theory.

933: Feminist Political Theory
Focuses on how specific schools of feminist thought redefine the political, spanning historical and contemporary feminist political theory.

938 History of Sexuality
Using sexuality as a category of historical analysis, examines historiographical, methodological, and theoretical contributions to understanding all aspects of the past.

950 Seminar: Topics in Gender and Women’s Studies 
Research seminar on specific topics in gender and women’s studies.

990 Research & Thesis

999 Independent Research
Independent research in GWS for highly qualified and motivated graduate students.