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We hope that you benefited from being a Gender and Women’s Studies major and that you will want to help us remain strong in the future! Here are a few ways you can help.

Get engaged. Share your ideas about alumni programming by filling out this form!

Keep in touch.  Let us know where you are, what you are doing, and how your Gender and Women’s Studies education matters to you. Drop us a note, an email, or message us on Facebook. Or better yet, stop by and visit us, attend our colloquia, or volunteer to speak to our students about your experiences after college!

Talk us up. Mention your Gender and Women’s Studies degree when you write a letter to the editor, a blog, or another publication. List your degree in Gender and Women’s Studies when you run for your local school board or political office. Tell your friends and family about how taking GWS 103 led you to become a midwife or a health professional. Include UW-Madison on the college tour with your children. You, our valued alumni, are the best publicity we have. Fly your UW-Madison Gender and Women’s Studies flag proudly!

Donate. Your money is valuable to us, and we know it is valuable to you. Your donations, large and small, matter, and we are constantly seeking and implementing ways to show you the value of your donations in the GWS department. There is no amount too small. Your contributions to Gender and Women’s Studies make a difference to our students and our faculty. Learn more about giving to GWS.

Badger Bridge

Empowering Alumni Connections. Badger Bridge is a professional network and an exclusive place where UW-Madison alumni and students can come together to offer support in achieving career goals and exploring professional opportunities.

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Alumni Spotlights

Follow along with what some of your fellow Gender & Women’s Studies and LGBTQ+ Studies alums are up to since their graduation. Interested in being featured as an Alumni Spotlight? Send us a note expressing your interest!