Quotes from GWS Students

What we love about GWS classes:

I love that the professors work so hard to create an interactive, fun, safe learning environment. Professors in the GWS department work hard to learn students’ names and also help students learn each other’s names, which makes the classroom feel much more personal and helps students feel more comfortable engaging in large and small group discussions.

– Madison Mormino

I love that the folks in my GWS classes come from all corners of the University and care about the same values of human rights, various forms of justice, and having uncomfortable conversations. In the GWS department, it feels like we are all learning and working together every day to make the world a better place!

– Hannah Cacciapaglia

My GWS professors and classmates are so thoughtful, engaging, and passionate about the issues we’re discussing, and I gain so much from their diverse perspectives and experiences.

– Edie Veum

The inclusivity of the space created by the students as well as the professor! They are also usually discussion based and that’s something I enjoy in a class, I feel like I gain more insight and perspective into the topic being discussed!

– Sierra Muench

GWS has a very different approach to teaching subjects than any other department. GWS is very focused on participation, personal reflection, and always pushes me to develop my perspectives and beliefs.

– Forrest Jensen

I transferred from a community college where GWS classes were not taught so I jumped all in when I moved to Madison. What I love most about GWS classes, specifically GWS 333 and GWS 523 is that both classes offered me a perspective shifting education.

– Emmie Niemi

I love the safe space that GWS classes create to deliberate theory grounded in lived experiences. Elaine Cannell’s instruction in GWS 538: Queer of Color Critique is an incredible example of this, as she centers theoretical approaches, student perspectives, and creativity in our class discussions and projects.

– Jenessa VanCalster

The GWS major and community truly makes me so happy and feel so at home when not a lot of other things do here on campus. I really appreciate all the wonderful staff, events advertised to the public freely to learn more, and especially the two GWS spaces for students to use (the Reading Room – my favorite!! – and the student conference/tea & couches room). Thank you so much for providing these safe, comfortable havens for students!

– Sawyer Wisniewski

What I’m really loving about my GWS classes is the diverse scholarship and experiences that every GWS student brings to class! We vary so much in our interests and lived experiences, which can touch on topics in STEM, humanities, and social sciences, which breathes life into our discussions of course topics and material! We lift each other up and envision a better world for ourselves and our communities.

– Martino Mangano