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Certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies

The LGBTQ+ Studies Certificate Program, housed administratively in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, is a campus-wide program open to students in any major. Courses that count toward this interdisciplinary certificate come from a wide range of fields including literature, history, sociology, medical history, as well as from gender and women’s studies, which is in itself an interdisciplinary field.

The certificate program requires 15 credits in LGBTQ+ Studies. Learn more about the requirements for the undergraduate certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies.

Declare the Certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies

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Review the Program Requirements

With the Guide, you can find more information about the course requirements for the LGBTQ+ Studies program before scheduling an advising appointment.

Undergraduate Advising in LGBTQ+ Studies

During an advising appointment, you can plan courses, discuss study abroad opportunities, and consider involvement on campus and in the community.

UW-Madison students can use Starfish to schedule advising appointments. Search for and add the Starfish App to your MyUW page. Please send a quick email to Susan Nelson at if you have questions about how to schedule a time to meet.


Spring 2020 Courses

  • Asian American Studies 240: Feelings: Queer and Asian
  • Asian Languages and Cultures 300: Queer Asia
  • Gen&WS 340 (Lec 001): The Performance of Everyday Life: Gender, Race, Aesthetics
  • Gen&WS 340 (Lec 002): Bi/Pan/Asexuality: Community and Representation
  • Gen&WS/History 519: Gender, Modernity, and Social Change
  • Gen&WS 533: Special Topics in Women and Health
  • Gen&WS 536: Queering Sexuality Education
  • Social Work 639: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Individuals and Social Welfare

Questions about new courses?

Found a course that you think should count toward the LGBTQ+ Studies certificate?

Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for LGBTQ+ Studies.

The Department of Gender & Women’s Studies will evaluate the syllabus to determine whether it meets program criteria.

Authorization for the LGBTQ+ Studies Capstone

In spring 2020, the LGBTQ+ Studies capstone requirement will be completed by taking Professor Finn Enke’s GWS/History 519: Sexuality, Modernity, and Social Change. GWS/History 519 will be a reading-intensive seminar focused on queer settler colonial intimacies and offering critical, indigenous and queer of color perspectives on queerness in North America.

Please fill out this quick online form to enroll in GWS/History 519 to fulfill the capstone requirement for the certificate.

Topics Courses

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Gen&WS 340: The Performance of Everyday Life: Gender, Race, Aesthetics

Stay tuned for the course description for GWS 340: The Performance of Everyday Life: Gender, Race, Aesthetics.

Gen&WS 340: Bi/Pan/Asexuality: Community and Representation

Stay tuned for the GWS 340: Bi/Pan/Asexuality: Community and Representation Course Description.


Undergraduate certificates are automatically posted to your transcript upon graduation by the Office of the Registrar based on completion via DARS.

Please confirm that your certificate is complete (all ‘green text’) in DARS after you enroll for your final semester.

Commencement Ceremonies

Whether you will graduate in May, August, or December, start getting excited about the Gender and Women’s Studies and LGBTQ+ Studies Spring Graduation Reception. Join us for donuts and coffee and spend some time with GWS faculty and staff.

Saturday, May 9 at 9:30 am in 1310 Sterling Hall