Courses and Enrollment

Spring 2019

Waiting Lists

If a course is closed, you can add yourself to the course’s waiting list through your Student Center. This is the only way to access a seat in a course that is full. It is in your best interest to add yourself to the waiting list as soon as possible. Remember to pay close attention to a course’s prerequisites before adding yourself to the waiting list.

If you are offered a seat in a course, Diane Walton ( will contact you with permission to enroll. Once you receive permission to enroll, you MUST enroll within 48 hours or you will lose your seat in the course.


Final DARS Check

If you are graduating, and you haven’t done this already, ‘Apply to Graduate’ in your Student Center. Doing this signals to the Office of the Registrar that they should audit your student record and give you the green light to graduate.

If you are graduating in December 2018, be sure to check your DARS. Near the top, you should see the phrase “all reqs complete pending final review.” This means that you have nearly completed your degree. Hooray!


Commencement Ceremonies

December commencement is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, 2018.

Start getting excited about the Gender and Women’s Studies and LGBTQ+ Studies Spring Graduation Reception in May 2019 in Sterling Hall.

Join us for breakfast, eat cake, and spend some time with GWS faculty and staff. We will send you off in style!