Fall 2023 Courses


Gen&WS 100: Open House Gender Learning Community

Gen&WS 102: Gender, Women, and Society in Global Perspectives

Gen&WS 103 (Lec 001): Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health

Gen&WS 103 (Lec 002): Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health (Honors)

Gen&WS 134: Women and Gender in World History

Gen&WS 144: Women’s Writing

Gen&WS 200: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies

SPRIG with GWS 103

Health Careers in a Diverse Digital Workplace is a spring 2023 SPRIG – a spring FIG;). The SPRIG seminar, Inter-LS 215: “Communicating about Careers,” explores the value of a liberal arts and sciences education for careers in 21st-century global, technological, and multicultural workplaces and is paired with Gen&WS 103: Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health (section 304 is the SPRIG reserved discussion). Find details about how to enroll in this SPRIG here.

Intermediate and Advanced

Fall 2023

Sign up for Gen&WS 640

Gen&WS 640 is the capstone seminar for the GWS major. Enrolling in 640 requires advance authorization (a quick survey).

Please complete the authorization form if you plan to take 640 in spring 2024.

Waiting Lists

GWS waiting lists are friendly and welcoming. If a course is full, the waiting list is the most direct way to eventually get a seat. Add yourself to a course’s waiting list in Course Search and Enroll. If/when you are offered a seat in a course, you will be notified via email with an automated permission to enroll. Once you receive permission to enroll, you will need to add the course within 48 hours.

Here is a wait list FAQ page from the Office of the Registrar.