Courses and Enrollment

Fall 2019

Elementary level courses

  • Gen&WS 100: Open House Gender Learning Community Seminar
  • Gen&WS 102: Gender, Women, and Society in Global Perspective – Lecture 002 is honors only
  • Gen&WS 103: Women and their Bodies in Health and Disease
  • Gen&WS 200: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies (LGBTQ+ Studies)

Intermediate and advanced courses

  • Gen&WS 205: Women in Russian Literature in Translation
  • Gen&WS 270: German Women Writers in Translation
  • Gen&WS 320 (Lec 001): The Female Body in the World: Gender and Contemporary Body Politics in Global Perspective
  • Gen&WS 320 (Lec 002): Gendered Labor: Pregnancy, Parenting, and Disability
  • Gen&WS 340 (Lec 001): Contemporary Queer Art and Visual Culture (LGBTQ+ Studies)
  • Gen&WS 340 (Lec 002): Queer Theory, Queer Performance (LGBTQ+ Studies)
  • Gen&WS 346: Trans/Gender in Historical Perspective (LGBTQ+ Studies)
  • Gen&WS 350: Women Writers and Social Fictions in 20th-Century Literature
  • Gen&WS 361: Sex and Power in Greece and Rome (LGBTQ+ Studies)
  • Gen&WS 401: Race, Sex, and Texts (How to do things with writing)
  • African Cultural Studies 405: Gender and Sexuality in Afro-futurism
  • Gen&WS 418: Gender, Sexuality, and the Media
  • Gen&WS 420: Women in Cross-Societal Perspective
  • Gen&WS 425: Crime, Gender, and Justice
  • Gen&WS 441: Contemporary Feminist Theories
  • Gen&WS 449: From Past Feminisms to Postfeminism: Feminism for the 21st Century
  • Gen&WS 469: Women and Politics
  • Gen&WS 522: Psychology of Women and Gender
  • Gen&WS 533: Topics in Women and Health
  • Gen&WS 535: Women’s Global Health and Human Rights


  • Gen&WS 640: Capstone Seminar in Gender and Women’s Studies

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Gen&WS 640 Authorization

GWS majors only

Enrolling in Gen&WS 640: Capstone Seminar in Gender and Women’s Studies requires advance authorization. Please complete this authorization form. You will receive an email from Diane Walton ( confirming your authorization and you will then have 1 week to enroll in Gen&WS 640.

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Note about Special Topics courses in Gender and Women's Studies

GWS is offering several special topics courses in fall (e.g. 320, 449, and 533).

You can take special topics courses more than once, even concurrently, for unique GPA and graduation credit provided that you are enrolled in a different topic. Please consult with the undergraduate advisor if you have questions.

Approaches and Issue Areas for the Gender and Women's Studies Major

GWS majors will find more information about the Approaches and Issue Areas associated with fall courses using the GWS fall 2019 course list.

Waiting Lists

If a course is closed, you can add yourself to the course’s waiting list through your Student Center. This is the only way to access a seat in a course that is full. It is in your best interest to add yourself to the waiting list as soon as possible. Remember to pay close attention to a course’s prerequisites before adding yourself to the waiting list.

If you are offered a seat in a course, Diane Walton ( will contact you with permission to enroll. Once you receive permission to enroll, you MUST enroll within 48 hours or you will lose your seat in the course.