Spring 2022 Courses


Gen&WS 100: Open House Gender Learning Community

Gen&WS 101: Gender, Women, and Cultural Representation

Gen&WS 103: Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health (Lec 001)

Gen&WS 103 (Honors): Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health (Lec 002)

Gen&WS 267: Cultural/Artistic Images of Black Women

Intermediate and Advanced

Sign up for Gen&WS 640

Gen&WS 640 is the capstone seminar for the GWS major. Enrolling in 640 requires advance authorization (a quick survey). Please complete the authorization form if you plan to take 640 in fall 2021.

Gen&WS 660

Offered in spring, Gen&WS 660: Internship in Gender and Women’s Studies pairs a community-based internship with a weekly seminar to support students’ learning and professional development. Learn more about the program and consider applying for spring 2022.

Waiting Lists

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