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Diversity Statement

Many of our students, especially our students of color, Muslim and Jewish students, undocumented and immigrant students, and LGBTQ+ students have felt attacked and abandoned. The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies recognizes their pain in the face of glacial institutional change and a new-found cultural license to goad, harass, and hate.

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies affirms in the strongest possible terms the rights of our students to live and learn in a community that values them as individuals and recognizes the integrity of the communities that provide identity and support. We denounce bigotry and hatred in all its forms; they have no place on our campus and in our community.

Our Department affirms our commitment to research that exposes and condemns multiple axes of inequality. It is equally committed to teaching that examines differential relations of power along lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, religion and national origin. The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies is strongly committed to using the tools of scholarship and teaching to help create a more inclusive and just world.