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M.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies

Program Description

The Gender and Women’s Studies Department no longer offers a stand-alone MA degree. Students can no longer apply directly to this program. 

The Master’s degree in gender and women’s studies provides advanced feminist training in gender analysis for students with a variety of academic backgrounds and career plans. The degree engages the multidisciplinary perspectives associated with gender studies and women’s studies: queer studies, transgender studies, sexuality studies, race and ethnicity studies, disability studies, area and global studies, cultural studies, postcolonial and transnational studies.

MA Program Handbook

Program Requirements

Funding Infomation


The M.A. curriculum draws from the strengths of current course offerings in the program, as well as from methodologies and course offerings in other fields and departments. Some courses investigate these topics at the global level while others focus on the local, regional or national levels. The curriculum ensures an overarching transnational and cross-cultural framework. Courses use interdisciplinary methodologies and/or disciplinary approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students take courses outside of the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies?

Each student will complete 30 credits of coursework plus a thesis or a comprehensive exam project. Of the 30 credits, at least 15 must be in designated courses in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. The remaining credits may also be departmental courses or may be chosen (entirely or in part) from graduate-level courses in other departments and programs in the university. All courses should be selected in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and/or the advisor, who must approve the selections.

Can students enroll in this program as a part-time student?

The degree program is designed to be a two-year full-time sequence; however, the program is also flexible enough to allow part-time students to pursue the M.A. All students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in the graduate program in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and department policies.

Is there funding available for students?

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies offers Teaching Assistant (TA) positions to incoming M.A. students. TA positions provide tuition remission, a stipend and health insurance. Our current departmental policy is to award new M.A. students at least two semesters of guaranteed funding through TA positions in our introductory courses. The Department is sometimes able to offer additional TA positions after the two semesters of guaranteed support based on other factors that include but are not limited to: TA evaluation and performance; additional funding from the College of Letters and Science; and availability of TA positions based on our curriculum schedule each academic year. The availability of TA positions may be different for international students and eligibility will be determined at the time of admission. There are a limited number of TA positions and applicants to the M.A. program should not count on a Teaching Assistant position in the Department as a means of financial support for their entire two years of study. The Department encourages M.A. students to apply for advertised teaching assistant and project assistant positions that may be available elsewhere on campus