GWS Student Spotlight – Mia Warren

Mia Warren is double-majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies and Life Sciences Communication. She will graduate in spring 2024.

1. Why did you choose GWS?

I chose to major in Gender and Women’s studies after being exposed to the importance of understanding social constructions of gender and sexuality, learning about reproductive justice and pleasure advocacy, and so many more topics within sexual health through my work as Chair of Sex Out Loud. Then, I took my first GWS 102 class and knew that I wanted to continue my education in the field and declare the major, which is a choice I am so grateful I made.

2. Has GWS changed your approach to your involvement (on or off campus) during college? If so, how?

GWS has ultimately encouraged me to approach all my campus involvement and professional endeavors with intersectionality, activism, and inclusivity being at the forefront of my goals. This major inspired me to take on more leadership roles both on and off campus so that I could advocate for the changes I was hoping to see in my surrounding community.

3. How has GWS shaped your future plans?

Finally, GWS reaffirmed my passion to pursue a future in Sex Therapy and inspired my goals to establish a national non-profit, advocate for legislation supporting Sex Workers, and hopefully one day present at the AASECT conference and pursue a PhD to continue my research within the field of sexual health. I am extremely grateful for all the knowledge and experiences I have gained from GWS.