GWS Student Spotlight – Rachel Delmar

Rachel Delmar is double-majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies and Education Studies. Rachel is getting certificates in: Disability Rights and Services and Preparing to Teach Abroad.

1.Why did you choose GWS?

I chose GWS because I am interested in the intersection of education and gender, particularly sex education reform. I knew that GWS in addition to my major in Education studies would provide further insight into creating inclusive, equitable, and comprehensive sex education to progress my advocacy and career in sex education.

2. Has GWS changed your approach to your involvement (on or off campus) during college? If so, how?

Because of GWS, I have been involved in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) decisions made in the student organizations I am a member of. I have served on a national DEI committee for one of my student organizations and enjoy bringing what I have learned in class to fellow members so that they can educate themselves on current events and advocacy initiatives.

3. How has GWS shaped your future plans?

In the future, I hope to attend graduate school, where I aspire to complete both my master’s and PhD researching sex education reform. All of the GWS classes that I have taken and the guidance I have received from the department’s faculty, have significantly developed my writing skills, making me confident for the graduate school application process. After completing graduate school, I hope to work as a professor in a GWS department to share my love and knowledge of secondary education to inspire future generations of activists.