GWS Student Spotlight – Sabhyata Prakash

Sabhyata Prakash is double-majoring in GWS and Psychology, and getting a certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies.

1. Why did you choose GWS?

I came across GWS classes by accident when choosing courses for my first semester. I was immediately blown away by the fact that such classes even exist and that I could spend time studying about things so personal to me. Since then, I’ve enjoyed so many GWS courses and have had the pleasure of having some of the kindest and most accommodating professors. I feel that each class teaches me something new and wonderful, and I love that I can apply that knowledge in real life.

2. Has GWS changed your approach to your involvement (on or off campus) during college? If so, how?

YES ABSOLUTELY! As an international student, I was initially very nervous to talk to others and to be involved in any clubs. On top of that, I was always scared that people would treat me differently because of my ethnicity and sexuality. GWS taught me to be proud of myself and the community I come from. It taught me that sometimes putting your unabashedly queer self out there can be a radical act of self-love. It taught me to break out a lot of binaries in my own head to embrace myself and others different from me. Through this major, I’ve found safe spaces in classrooms with other people who passionately care about the same things I care about. Further, GWS encouraged me to advocate for not just myself and my own community but for the greater good.

3. How has GWS shaped your future plans?

I plan on going to graduate school and studying LGBTQ+ populations. I want to employ the frameworks I have learned in GWS-like intersectionality to expand the field of psychology and create a multidisciplinary approach to research. I’m very excited to continue to learn and grow with this major.