GWS Student Spotlight – Jess Harlan

Jess Harlan is double majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies and Political Science. They will graduate in spring 2024.

Why did you choose GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies?

I chose GWS because I took the Queer 20th Century FIG my freshman year (Fall 2020) and it was a wonderful introduction to the field of study and allowed me to explore my own identities. Since then, it has gone hand-in-hand with my political science studies as well.

Has GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies changed your approach to your involvement (on or off campus) during college? If so, how?
GWS has allowed me to grow as a confident leader on campus. Most recently, I have gotten involved with the Associated Students of Madison, our student government, and was reelected to serve as a student council representative for students in the College of Letters and Science. I am especially passionate about queer safety and wellbeing on campus and issues at intersections of identities.

How has GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies shaped your future plans?

I plan on attending law school after I graduate to become a public defender or work to reduce harm in communities that have been marginalized and othered within our societal contexts!