MA Application

M.A. Program: Application Process

Applications to the Graduate School are made online at the following website:

If you have questions, please send an email to Diane Walton, Student Services Coordinator, at or the
Director of Graduate Studies, Finn Enke at

Graduate School admission requirements are listed at

Items that should be sent to the Graduate School are listed at:

Please send the following items directly to the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies:

1) One (1) copy of official transcripts or academic records from each institution attended. International academic records must be in the original language and accompanied by an official English translation. Documents must be issued by the school with the official seal/stamp and an official signature.

2) Three (3) letters of recommendation. We prefer that at least two of the letters come from academic sources. These letters may now be submitted on-line. Please see the Graduate School’s web link for instructions.

3) Statement of reasons why you wish to pursue the M.A. Degree in Gender and Women’s Studies (2-3 pages). In their personal statements, applicants should explicitly articulate their academic interests and goals, describe how an MA in Gender and Women’s Studies compliments those intellectual goals, and explain how the faculty and the program at UW Madison is especially well matched with the applicant’s interests.

4) Curriculum vitae or resumé.

5) Writing sample, such as a paper submitted for a course in an academic program. The admissions committee wishes to see an entire piece of written work, generally between 5 and 10 pages. We prefer an academic paper or policy memo (professional writing) because we are looking for presentation of argument as well as appropriate writing skills.

6) The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies does not require GRE scores.

Documents should be sent to:

              Director of Graduate Studies

              Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

              3321 Sterling Hall

              475 North Charter Street

              Madison, WI 53706

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for fall admission is December 15.

Fellowships and Financial Support

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies offers Teaching Assistant (TA) positions to incoming M.A. students. TA positions provide tuition remission, a stipend and health insurance. Our current departmental policy is to award new M.A. students at least two semesters of guaranteed funding through TA positions in our introductory courses. The Department is sometimes able to offer additional TA positions after the two semesters of guaranteed support based on other factors that include but are not limited to: TA evaluation and performance; additional funding from the College of Letters and Science; and availability of TA positions based on our curriculum schedule each academic year. The availability of TA positions may be different for international students and eligibility will be determined at the time of admission. There are a limited number of TA positions and applicants to the M.A. program should not count on a Teaching Assistant position in the Department as a means of financial support for their entire two years of study. The Department encourages M.A. students to apply for advertised teaching assistant and project assistant positions that may be available elsewhere on campus.