MA student Rodlyn-mae Banting Published Article in Bitch Media

Rodlyn Mae Banting headshot
Rodlyn-mae Banting

GWS second-year MA student Rodlyn-mae Banting published a new article in Bitch Media, “License to Feel: ‘SOUR’ Highlights the Unique Wisdom of Teen Girls.”

“My instinct to recoil at Rodrigo’s admission that she’s not over her ex-boyfriend, the object of ‘driver’s license,’ is a learned response to teen girlhood; it is a reflection of how society treats teenage girls and their emotions as silly, superfluous, and not to be taken seriously. Too many of us still understand girlhood as a phase to be tolerated, rather than a bottomless basin of emotional wealth and unique wisdom…Rodrigo’s music feels like a sort of cure for our current agonies, as well as our unhealed wounds of the past. The gravity with which Rodrigo treats her heartbreak manifests as a sort of justice, granting us permission to tend to our own heartache just as carefully and lovingly.”

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