Kelly Marie Ward Receives Early Achievement in Social Science Research Award

Kelly Ward headshot
Professor Kelly Marie Ward

GWS Kelly Marie Ward has received the 2021 Carole Joffe and Stanley Henshaw Early Achievement in Social Science Research Award. This award, given by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), honors an individual who has made exceptional contributions to generating abortion-related knowledge.

NAF notes that “through [Dr. Ward’s] research on how institutional changes to health care and the medical workforce have shaped abortion work, [she is] providing our field with an important framework for understanding the racialization, gendering, and classing of abortion work.”

As Drs. Jenny Higgins and Katrina Kimport wrote in their nomination letter: “…it’s important to underscore the equity frame of Kelly’s work. Kelly’s research elevates attention to the experiences of an often-overlooked group in abortion work—as well as a workforce in all health care fields….This innovative equity lens will benefit all of us who work in the family planning field.…We can’t recommend Kelly more heartily for this award.”

Congratulations on this impressive accomplishment, Dr. Ward!