Christine Garlough

Position title: Director, Center for Research on Gender and Women; Professor of Gender & Women's Studies


Phone: (608) 890-3461

3406 Sterling Hall

Chris Garlough

Joint appointment: Folklore Program
Office Hours: by appointment
Curriculum Vitae

Christine Garlough is Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of the Center for Research on Gender and Women. She also serves on the leadership team for the UW Ethics of Care Initiative. Her research focuses on rhetorics of acknowledgment and ethics of care in feminist practices at the intersection of political activism and art.  As such, her work with feminist groups — both in India and the US — explores the development of street plays, poster work, performance art, and social media campaigns to address health, educational, and political exigencies. This multi-methodological research has been published in academic journals such as Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationQuarterly Journal of Speech, and Women’s Studies in Communication, as well as her book, Desi Divas: Activism and Acknowledgment in Diasporic Performances. Her interests in social change and activism, also has led to work in the Public Humanities, crafting digital archive projects through the UW Digital Archive Collections. She currently sits on the steering committees for Interdisciplinary Performance Studies and the Center for Visual Cultures and is affiliated with a number of programs on campus, including the Mass Communications Research Center, the Center for South Asia, the Folklore Program and the Human Rights Initiative.

Courses Taught – Department of Gender and Women’s Studies: 

GWS 950, Gender, Performance and Performativity
GWS 880, Graduate Pro-Seminar in Gender and Women’s Studies
GWS 720, Graduate Seminar in Feminist Communication and Philosophy
GWS 640, Gender and Women’s Studies Senior Capstone
GWS 468, Feminism, Folklore and Comparative Literature
GWS 449, Feminist Politics and Ethics of Care
GWS 428, Gender and Expressive Cultures
GWS 426, Women, Culture and Grassroots Politics Across the Globe
GWS 414, Gender, Performance and Sexuality
GWS 310, Care and Feminist Politics
GWS 102, Gender, Women, and Society in a Global Perspective