Ruth Goldstein

Position title: Assistant Professor


Ruth Goldstein headshot

Pronouns:  she/her/hers
Curriculum Vitae

I am broadly interested in the gendered aspects of human and nonhuman health, a quickly heating planet and environmental racism.  My current book project Life in Traffic: Women, Plants, and Gold Along the Interoceanic Highway examines the socio-environmental consequences of transnational infrastructure projects and climate change along Latin America’s recently constructed thoroughfare, La Interoceánica, with a particular focus on intersections of race and indigeneity, cis and trans women’s health and “earth” rights in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. My subsequent research on mercury as a global pollutant, analyzes the racialized weight of toxic body burdens and impacts on maternal/fetal health.

Gen&WS 539:  Queering Ecofeminism
Gen&WS 339:   Environmental Impacts on Maternal/Fetal Health

Select Publications:

2020. “Mercury’s Toxic Touch.” Anthropology News (forthcoming)

2020. “Ayahuasca and Arabidopsis: The Philosopher Plant and the Scientist’s Specimen.”Ethnos.

2020. “Digamos Adiós al Mercurio”: Activos Tóxicos y Extracción Neocolonial.”Toxic News.

2020. “Making Mercury History: Toxic Assets and Neocolonial Extraction.”Toxic News.

2019. “Ethnobotanies of Refusal: Methodologies in Respecting Plant(ed)-Human Resistance.”Special Issue on Plant Ethnography, Anthropology Today 35(2): 18-22.

2018. “Consentimiento y Sus Discontentos: Género, Indigeneidad, y Extractivismo enMadre de Dios, Péru.” InGénero, sexualidades y mercados sexuales en sitios extractivistas de América Latina.  Edited by Susanne Hofmann and Melisa Cabrapan Duarte. Mexico City: Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios de Género de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) Press, pp: 237-266.

2017. “Collaborations: Envisioning an Engaged Future for Anthropology” withPatricia Alvarez and Ugo Edu. History of Anthropology Newsletter.

2015. “Semiophors and Sexual Systems: The Circulation of Words and Women.” Pragmatics and Society 6(2): 217-239.

2014. “Consent and Its Discontents: On the Traffic in Words and Women.”  Latin American Policy 5(2): 236-250.