Kelsey Lewis

Position title: Wittig Postdoctoral Fellow in Feminist Biology


3409 Sterling Hall

Kelsey Lewis headshot

Curriculum Vitae
Pronouns:  she/her/hers

Gen&WS 530: Gender & Biology

Dr. Lewis is broadly interested in the intersection of gender studies and biology, and feminist perspectives of sex, in particular. Her scholarship combines lab research on the prenatal development of sex characteristics with feminist perspectives on the construction of binary sex.

In 2010, she graduated from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where she worked with Gary Gillis and Stan Rachootin. After graduation, she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in order to join Gabrielle Kardon’s lab at the University of Utah. She spent three years in the Kardon Lab researching limb musculoskeleton morphogenesis and patterning, before moving to Gainesville, Florida for her PhD with Marty Cohn in the University of Florida’s Biology Department.

​During her PhD, she started a feminist science reading group, served as president of UF’s Women in Science and Engineering organization, and co-founded the Gainesville Ally Skills Network. She was a fellow with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) befor​e graduating in April 2020. Lewis’ PhD work focused on the prenatal development of sex variation in mammals. She joins the Center for Research on Gender and Women and the Department of Urology in August 2020 as the Wittig Postdoctoral Fellow in Feminist Biology.

Select Publications:
Orr, T. J., Burns, M., Hawkes, K., Holekamp, K. E., Hook, K. A., Josefson, C. C., Kimmitt, A. A., Lewis, A. K., Lipshutz, S. E., Lynch, K. S., Sirot, L. K., Stadtmauer, D. J., Staub, N. L., Wolfner, M. F., and Hayssen, V. (2020). It takes two to tango: Including a female perspective in reproductive biologyIntegrative and Comparative Biology. doi:10.1093/icb/icaa084