Aurora Santiago Ortiz

Position title: Assistant Professor of Gender & Women's Studies


Website: Aurora Santiago Ortiz's website

3328 Sterling Hall

My research focuses on antiracist feminisms, decolonial perspectives, and participatory action research. My work has been published in the Michigan Journal for Community Service Learning, Curriculum Inquiry and Chicana/Latina Studies Journal, among others. I have also contributed to Society and Space, NACLA, The Abusable Past blog of the Radical History Review, Electric Marronage, Open Democracy, and Zora magazine. My current book manuscript entitled Circuits of Self-Determination: Mapping Solidarities and Radical Pedagogies in Puerto Rico focuses on the rhizomatic nature of the political cultures that embody decolonial futures through antiracist, decolonial feminist, and mutual aid projects in the present. It also examines how these protest repertoires and political cultures are part of the afterlives of the student movement in Puerto Rico.