Andrew Briceno – GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies Student Spotlight

Andrew Briceno is a senior graduating in spring 2020 with majors in Gender and Women’s Studies, Political Science, and Sociology, and certificates in African Studies, Chicanx and Latinx Studies, and LGBTQ+ Studies.

Find Andrew’s reflections on GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies below.

Why did you choose GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies?
After completing my first year at UW-Madison I felt that I wasn’t engaged with curriculum that pertained directly to my Andrew Briceno - student spotlightidentities. The Gender and Women’s Studies department was my answer to this as I was initially interested in completing the LGBTQ+ Studies certificate. After taking three GWS courses in the fall of my second year I knew I needed more from the department. Throughout my time at UW-Madison, GWS courses have been my favorite courses to take because they provide a space to discuss, self-reflect, and grow.

How has GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies changed your approach to your involvement (on or off campus) during college?
My work in GWS has expanded my thinking away from a binary mindset and Andrew Briceno - student spotlighttaught me to look for life’s complexities. While abroad this summer, I realized I have begun to more reflexively acknowledge how what I’ve learned manifests in daily life. Moreover, I challenge those around me to acknowledge the importance of thinking critically through a lens that centers the importance of gender and sexuality. As a house fellow I encourage residents to explore the wonders that GWS wields. Even if they choose not to pursue a certificate or major in the department, I find that one course holds the potential for students to grapple with issues that they’ve never had exposure to or in ways that nuances their understanding of that issue. I also hope they learn, like I did, that GWS can be applied to any field. This has resonated with me and as I prepare to graduate in spring; I intend to implement all I have learned in my future endeavors.

How has GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies shaped your future plans?
Andrew Briceno - student spotlightCurrently, I aspire to serve as a civil rights attorney who acts in a more holistic and intersectional fashion. No matter what I end up pursuing in the future GWS has positively impacted my life and I encourage others to consider exploring all that GWS has offer.