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News for GWS and LGBTQ+ Studies Students

Neuroscience Research Opportunity

The Baldo lab is hiring 1-2 undergraduate research assistants. Current projects explore interactions between drugs of abuse and gonadal hormones, and hormonal influences on, and sexual dimorphisms within, reward and motivation circuitry. Since addiction is believed to hijack feeding/eating circuitry, this research has potential applications in both drug use/abuse and for eating disorders.

This is an especially good opportunity for bioscience students who are also GWS. Neurobiology majors preferred. Please submit a letter of interest and resume to Kate Dunaway (GWS and LGBTQ+ studies alum!) at Include days and times when you would be available for an interview.

4 New topics courses in GWS/LGBTQ+ Studies

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  • Gen&WS 320: Women, Gender, and Digital Media in Global Perspective

    This course explores the relevance of women and gender in the development, access, shaping and use of digital technologies from a global perspective. In particular, we will examine the role of women and gender in topics such as computing, videogaming, digital skills, internet use, mobile technologies, online participation, social media, and feminist activism. We will also explore how gender intersects with race, class, rurality and migration in digital media access and use. Finally, how the intersection between gender and digital media plays out in different cultures and contexts –i.e., Latin America, Africa, Asia– from the perspective of inequality, access, uses but also as an empowering possibility.


  • Gen&WS 340: Trans Studies: Scholarly and Community Perspectives

    This course introduces students to the expanding interdisciplinary field of transgender studies by situating trans identities, experiences, communities, and movements in their historical and social contexts. The course examines how categories like “trans” and “transgender” have been shaped by political, medical, and community-based discourses and how these discourses continue to play out. Using a range of theoretical lenses, we’ll explore how trans lives and bodies are produced and experienced in and through systems of gender, racism, colonization, ableism, and medicalization. Key to our inquiry will be the implications of trans political movements, increased visibility in media and culture, and the institutionalization of trans studies as a discipline.

    This course is appropriate for students who are new to trans issues as well as students who have academic and/or personal experience with the topic.

  • Gen&WS 350: Women's Work/s

    This course is on twentieth-century literature that portrays women who write and women who are creative. This course also includes visual art by women to compliment and complicate themes in literature about women’s creativity. We will look at how authors use female characters to address women’s artistic status in society. We will also examine different forms of creativity and different access to the creative realm among women in literature.

    Throughout the semester, this course engages the following questions:

    • How does the portrayal of writerly and creative female characters vary based on their author’s identity politics?
    • How do female characters’ gender, race, sexuality, and locationality shape their creativity?
    • What historical, institutional, and systemic obstacles have shaped what women write and which women write?
    • How does visual art of and by women expand or re-see literary theories of creativity?

    Readings consist of fiction written by women, nonfiction articles by women directly addressing artistry, and fiction by men on this topic. Visual art includes films, theater performance, art installations, and textiles.

  • Gen&WS 533: LGBTQ+ Health and Health Care

    Stay tuned for the course description….

Coffee and Tea in the Reading Room

Come by the GWS Reading Room Mondays from 12 to 2 pm and Thursdays from 11 am to 1pm. This is a hang out. You can study. You can stare out the window. You can chat quietly with one another. You can have coffee and/or tea.

Q&A with Professor Keisha Lindsay

Many of you have taken a feminist theory course with Professor Lindsay. Read this Q&A about Lindsay’s new book, In a Classroom of Their Own: the Intersection of Race and Feminist Politics in All-Black Male Schools.

Fall GWS Pizza Lunches

Join students, faculty, alumni, and community leaders for lunch and casual conversation in 3401 Sterling Hall. Pizza arrives at 12; discussion starts at 12:15.

Please email us if you have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies and we will work to accommodate them; there will always be a vegan option.

Study day at the Chazen

Prepare for finals at the Chazen Museum of Art. Enjoy a quiet space full of art with snacks, craft breaks, and therapy dogs on Thursday, December 13.

Business Forum Scholarship

The Business Forum is a local organization that offers scholarships to undergraduate students; they typically award 5 – 6 scholarships each year. This is a great way to get extra support for tuition and the cost of living. Take a look at the application and find more info on the Business Forum website.

The application deadline is January 28, 2019.

Volunteer with UNIDOS

UNIDOS is looking for advanced Spanish speakers to staff their help line, LA RED. LA RED is the only 24/7 Spanish language help line in Dane County for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. For more information, contact Manuel Cerda at

Volunteer with the CWC

The Campus Women’s Center is looking for volunteers for 2 programs: Kid’s Time and Kid’s Night Out. Kid’s Night Out is a monthly event at Eagle Heights Community Center while Kid’s Time is a volunteer match with a family.

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