Promotional Instagram image for the position. Red square with a green, geometric print down the left side. In the middle of the image are symbols of various genders in black. Text reads: Assistant or Associate Professor in Gender and Indigeneity. Apply Now, Applications Open Until Filled

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at University of Wisconsin Madison seeks applications from scholars with expertise in gender and indigeneity, and/or race and ethnicity, for a nine-month, full-time, permanent tenure-track position to begin August 2023. Applicants with PhDs in Gender and Women’s Studies are especially invited to apply but scholars with appropriate training in humanistic and social scientific fields are also welcome. Preference will be given to candidates specializing in any of the following: borderlands studies, Native American/First Nations/Indigenous or Latinx studies, transnational, global and/or area studies outside the United States.

More information on the position, and application can be found here.