GWS Lecturer Dr. Kate Phelps Has Received a 4W Innovation Grant

Kate Phelps headshotGWS Lecturer Dr. Kate Phelps has received a 4W Initiative Innovation Grant for her “body mapping research project that is exploring experiences of gendered embodiment in the university setting, especially related to how the perceived risk and threat of sexual violence can manifest and live in the body in various ways.”

4W Innovation Grants allow faculty or academic staff members to devote time to develop a key initiative related to gender and well-being.  The primary goal of Dr. Phelps’ project is to “enhance well-being among UW-Madison students through participatory action research which centralizes students’ daily experiences. This project aims to ensure that UW-Madison students’ needs are met, including the basic need of freedom from harm, and rights to full freedom, agency, equity, and inclusion during their time in this campus community and beyond.”

Congratulations, Dr. Phelps!