Associate Professor Sami Schalk’s Essay Featured in L&S Magazine

Schalk-Understanding Oppression cropped 4-6-20

Associate Professor Sami Schalk’s essay, “Understanding Oppression,” has been featured in the Spring 2020 Issue of Letters and Science Magazine, Sift and Winnow.

Schalk writes, “Everyone needs to have a basic understanding of systems of oppression because all of us will interact with people different from us and potentially hold power over people less privileged than ourselves. We need to understand our role within these systems in order to change them for the better.”

Sami Schalk

Speaking of how she incorporates this work into her classes, Schalk says, “I bring this work to the classroom by encouraging my students to ask questions of their own assumptions. What beliefs do you hold that you have never questioned? How did you come to know what (you think) you know about people who are different from you?”

The full essay can be found at this link.