Professor Pernille Ipsen Published a Danish-language Collective Biography of her Seven Mothers

Ipsen book cover-An Open Moment
Book Cover – An Open Moment

Professor Pernille Ipsen published An Open Moment, a Danish-language collective biography of her seven mothers.

Photos of Pernille and her mothers from a review of the book in a Danish newspaper

Published in August 2020, An Open Moment recounts the history of the modern Danish women’s movement through the lives of seven women who helped start and organize it in 1970 and lived together in a women-only commune from 1971-1976. Pernille spent her first years in this commune and called each of the seven women “mother.” In An Open Moment, she uses her unique access to and relationship with the Danish women’s movement to tell a history of her mothers’ radicalization as feminists, their years in the women’s movement, and, finally, how their commune—like the larger movement of which it was part—split along lines of sexuality.