Welcome to Gen&WS 660!

You are a part of the next great cohort of GWS interns! I look forward to getting to know each of you and working together next semester.

There are a number of items that need to be taken care of before we get to work together in the spring semester. Information on the internship requests, interviewing, and learning contracts are below. Please review the information here and let me know what questions you may have.

Don’t forget to Register for the Class

Students will be authorized to enroll in Gen&WS 660: Internship in Gender & Women’s Studies on or before November 15th, 2019. Once you are authorized, you will need to actually enroll in the course.

Pro Tips

  1. Step outside of your comfort zone during this internship program. Our best learning – our deepest learning – happens when we are uncomfortable.
  2. You will get out of this experience what you put in. Start considering your goals for this work now.
  3. Trust the process. It will take patience, but it will be worth it.

Letters to Future Interns

Read below some letters and words of wisdom, advice, and support recent alums of this program have written to share with the next cohort of Gen&WS 660 interns. Hear how they were challenged and rewarded in the course, how they seized the opportunity, and what some of their key takeaways are from the program.

Letters to Future Interns_2017

Letters to Future Interns_2018

Letters to Future Interns_2019


Each intern must interview with at least 3 organizations. You will each contact the organizations that you would like to interview with via the information in Internship Request Forms list below. Once you have your interviews scheduled, please send an email to me with your scheduled interviews.

You are welcome to schedule more than three interviews if would like, so long has you are truly interested in an internship position with that organization. No need to waste your time or agency time. If you already have an internship arranged, you are excused from completing the interviews.

Interviewing Tips


Research the organization before your interview.

Prep your response to common interview questions, like:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What skills will you bring to the position that make you a good candidate?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What drew you to apply to this position?

Confirm your interview logistics – where, when, how to get there, print copies of your resume.

Arrive a few minutes early in case you need the extra time.

Be prepared to make a first impression that you are proud of.

Be yourself!


Follow up a note to thank the supervisor and/or agency for an interview.

If you are offered an internship, accept or decline an interview as soon as you are able via email or a phone call.

Once you have accepted an internship, send a quick note withdrawing from consideration from other internship positions that you have applied for.

Internship Requests

Below you will find the Internship Requests for the Spring 2020 Gen&WS 660: Internship in Gender & Women’s Studies seminar. Please review the requests that spark your interest and take note of their interviewing information and timeline. Many have deadlines before the Thanksgiving break.

If interns have not yet secured their internships, interns are expected to interview with at least three agencies in the process to secure their internship.

Access to Independence

Access to Independence_Internship Request_2020

Dane County Literacy Network

Literacy Network_Internship Request_2020

Dane County Parks – Equity and Inclusion Team


End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin with the Immigration and Poverty Law Attorney

EDAW_Internship Request_2020

Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office

GWS Librarians Office_Internship Request_2020

Girls, Inc. at the Goodman Community Center

Girls Inc_Internship Request_2020

The Guerrilla Feminist

Request coming soon.

Lilada’s Livingroom

Liladas Livingroom_Internship Request_2020

PATCH (Providers and Teens Communicating for Health)

PATCH_Internship Request_2020

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

PPWI_Internship Request_2020

POWERS (Pregnancy Options Wisconsin: Education, Resources, & Support)

POWERS_Internship Request_2020

The Rape Crisis Center

RCC_ Internship Request_2019

RCC LTE Outreach & Education Intern 2019

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

WCASA_Internship Request_2020

Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

WAWH_Internship Request_2020

Wisconsin Women’s Council – Women and Homelessness Internship

WWC_Women and Homelessness_Internship Request_2020

Wisconsin Women’s Council – Web Design

WWC_WI Suffrage Web Design_Internship Request_2020

Women’s Medical Fund

WMF_Internship Request_2020

Next Steps


The goal is to have interviews completed by early early/mid December with internships secured before folks break at the end of the semester. Then we can hit the ground running in January. Please be in touch if this goal feels out of reach for you.

Learning Contracts

Once students have been offered and accepted an internship position, they will work with their supervisor to complete a Learning Contract. Learning Contracts serve as the agreement between the student, the supervisor, and the course instructor for the upcoming spring semester.

Learning Contracts must be completed, with signatures, before the first day of the spring semester.

Spring 2020 Learning Contract